TALKING TRAFFIC: Cooroy Area Residents Association president Rod Ritchie views the Myall/Diamond  streets intersection.
TALKING TRAFFIC: Cooroy Area Residents Association president Rod Ritchie views the Myall/Diamond streets intersection. Alan Lander

Town hall meeting

A TOWN hall meeting to discuss Cooroy's traffic management future on options for traffic lights, roundabouts and rail crossings is to be held on Tuesday, February 5.

Cooroy Area Residents Association president Rod Ritchie said the meeting was being organised "to listen to the people attending” rather than based on a pre-written agenda.

"We don't need pre- conceived notions about what's right and wrong,” Mr Ritchie said.

"Three speakers are confirmed so far: Noosa independent MP Sandy Bolton, Nicklin MP Marty Hunt and Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington.”

He said the meeting, which will be held at Cooroy Community Hall in Maple Street at 6pm, would look at "all options” for traffic congestion spots at the intersections of Elm and Myall Streets, and Elm and Diamond Streets.

"Both intersections will be dealt with individually, so differing solutions for [each] is a possibility,” Mr Ritchie said.

"All options will be put: traffic lights, roundabouts, retaining the existing situation, and a new rail crossing.

"The speakers have agreed to talk about the feedback they have received to date; the political reality of state government road upgrades; any information they have on the traffic volumes of these intersections; cost differentials; and short-term and long-term solutions.”

Mr Ritchie said he hoped to have someone attend who can answer more technical questions on traffic management, however it's not certain at this time whether any TMR representatives will attend.

TMR has said it would extend a deadline for submissions to its plans for the two intersections, which both involve the installation of traffic lights, until February 18.

"We will need to have a report to them by that date,” Mr Ritchie said.

He said a single-use online survey via Facebook would be set up for residents unable to attend the meeting, to voice their vote.

Social media surveys have shown the town is split fairly evenly on whether to adopt traffic lights or roundabouts for the intersections.

TMR favours traffic lights as they are cheaper and quicker to install, while Noosa Council has said the cost of roundabouts would be expensive.

But Noosa Shire has always held a minimal traffic lights policy as an article of faith, with only three sets of lights in the shire (one set in Cooroy), near where school students cross, and many people do not want a further spread of lights in the shire.