Brampton Island Resort was closed in January this year for a major upgrade.
Brampton Island Resort was closed in January this year for a major upgrade. Tourism Queensland

Progress hidden on resort revamp

MACKAY and Whitsunday tourism operators are in the dark over a planned refurbishment of Brampton Island by its new owners.

The resort closed its doors from January 24 this year to allow a revamp of the guests facilities to offer six star quality service.

Despite repeated requests from the Daily Mercury for comment, the island’s owner United Petroleum group did not respond.

Work was expected to begin shortly after the January closure, and a completion date was set for sometime after December this year.

The proposed upgrade aimed to lift the resort’s facilities to world class standards.

The planned upgrade included enlarging and completely refitting guest suites, providing international standard restaurant facilities, a guest’s library, a spa and health centre and upgrading the rock pool to incorporate latest trends.

Mackay Tourism general manager David Phillips said he looked forward to the reopening to boost the region’s tourism industry.

“The indications had determined Brampton Island Resort was to be a very high quality, fresh asset for our region and to once again become an important part of the Mackay region’s tourism portfolio,” Mr Phillips said.

“We’re noticing the absence; the lack of sales in our visitor information centres (is less) and that is certainly having an impact upon Mackay.”

Formally owned by Voyages group, the island was purchased by United Petroleum group in June, 2010.

The proposed upgrade is the first major work undertaken on the island’s guest facilities since the 1980s.

Tourism Whitsundays marketing services manager Danielle Seymour said no updates had been received on the works to be done since shortly after the resort closed its doors.

“The last contact we had was when we rang around all the islands in February after Cyclone Yasi to check their status,” Ms Seymour said.

“At that point we were informed Brampton Island intended to be fully closed until the end of the year and we haven’t heard anything since then.”