Jon English performs hits from the '60s and '70s on his Rock Revolution tour.
Jon English performs hits from the '60s and '70s on his Rock Revolution tour.

Tour rocks to the last

JON English vows he is "not doing a John Farnham" as his rock show rolls into town for the last time.

On the back of the Rock Show tour, which ran for three years, English returns to the Coast for Rock Revolution featuring hits from the '60s and '70s and an eight-piece cast of young musicians and singers.

"This is the last time round for the rock shows," he said.

"It was my generation, it was my period when I first grew strange unwanted hair and found the opposite sex attractive right through to adulthood - that 15-year period.

"The reason it's so powerful and still so powerful is we were the baby-boomer generation...there wasn't a lot to do except get into trouble, play music or both."

English admitted he didn't have the courage to steal a car, so instead explored music, learning the fundamentals from his dad - a self-taught piano player.

"He was pretty good. My uncle told me he'd never bought a drink at a pub in his life because there was always a piano in the corner," he said.

"There was a piano at home and he'd tinker around...I initially learnt from him."

From modest beginnings in a high school band, English soon paved his triple-threat career in music, television and stage.

Exerting the sustenance to withstand decades of change, English returns in Rock Revolution to belt out his favourite hits.

Catch the show at the Nambour Civic Centre on Friday, August 17, at 8pm.

Tickets are $69 for adults, $64 for pensioners, $59 for students and $49 for children up to 12, available from