Truck driver Michelle Cain wants to say thank you to the mystery woman who came to her aid on Monday.
Truck driver Michelle Cain wants to say thank you to the mystery woman who came to her aid on Monday. contributed

Touch of an angel precious to driver hurt in Noosa crash

AS THE "world turned upside down” for water truck driver Michelle Cain on Monday morning in a nightmarish Beckmans Rd roll over, the one thing that helped her pull through was a gentle human touch.

It took emergency service rescue crews more than an hour to cut her and her 26-year-old passenger, son Jack, from the vehicle wreckage.

But almost from the very start, a female Good Samaritan offered her a warm hand and reassuring words to help her through her ordeal.

And now more than anything, Michelle wants to meet up with and personally give this unknown woman her heartfelt thanks.

"I didn't know where I was, I couldn't even open my eyes,” Michelle said after the two-vehicle accident.

"She was sort of there before the rescuers and everything else and she found my fingers ... she stayed with me even the rescuers were doing that jaws of life. She was just like 'hang in there Michelle' and she kept touching my fingers and I'd just touch hers back,”

Michelle said her presence and touch was "quite comforting”.

"I didn't want her to let go. And then she had to when they had to get the chainsaw (but), as soon as they stopped, her hand was there again and it was just reassuring that I was still alive.

"I'd really like to thank her and even the (emergency) rescuers ... even the police said they were surprised that we were alive.”

The Weyba Water truck driver of five years said they had been heading towards Noosa North Shore to make a water delivery when the accident happened.

Michelle said Jack broke his neck which has been plated in a Brisbane hospital, and has a rod inserted in a leg, but to her relief he has movement in his legs.

"He's still in Brisbane and will be there for a while.”

Michelle saw her a doctor on Friday for more treatment.

"I'm not too good at the moment, my legs are tingling and swelling. I'm bruised and battered and broken (with spinal damage).”

Michelle said the other water carters have been "unbelievably supportive of me” and her customers have been "amazing”.

She said her business was "gone for now” but the recovery of her son was her main consideration. Michelle has requested her female helper from that day contact the Noosa News editorial team on 5440 8000 or email, who can arrange to contact her.

Peter Gardiner