SPOOK YOURSELF: A blackout can be a good opportunity to tell ghostly stories.
SPOOK YOURSELF: A blackout can be a good opportunity to tell ghostly stories. tatyana_tomsickova

Top 10 blackout boredom busters

IF THERE is one positive about a power outage, it would be its ability to bring the family together for some good old bonding time - something many of us just don't find the time to do

So here are 10 blackout boredom busters to keep the kids (and yourself) entertained next time the lights go out at your place.

1. Board games by candlelight

What better reason to pull out the dusty old boardgames than a blackout. Set up as many candles as you need to see and have a board game binge night.

2. Spotlight inside the house

Remember running around the streets with a torch playing spotlight as a kid? Bring it out again! This old favourite works just as well inside with no lights on. And it can get a little spooky too...

3. Whip up some no-cook gourmet delights

Give these three recipes (left) a crack, or craft your own concoction using ingredients from the fridge unlikely to survive the power outage.

4. No-see drawings

Hand out paper plates and a pen/Texta to each player. With the plate on top of their head, draw a picture as instructed by the game master. For example: Draw grass. Now draw a tree. Now draw birds in the tree, etc. After the drawing is complete, reveal the masterpieces.

5. Do non-mum things

If you're a mum, take the time to have a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine and candles while hubby entertains the kids.

6. Go stargazing

If the whole neighbourhood is without power and there aren't many clouds, it's the perfect time to lay down outside and marvel at the stars.

7. Devour any sweet treats likely to melt or go off without power

Yes, we mean the whole tub of ice cream.

8. Shadow puppets

Set up a torch or battery-operated light and make shadow puppets on the wall with your hands.

9. Play 20 questions

All you need for this one is your voice, mind and ears. Participants take turns in thinking of an object/ celebrity/animal and the other players each get to ask a question to try and work out what the object is. For example: Is it living? Is it blue? Do we have one? Questions can only be answered with a yes or a no.

10. Make a blanket fort

Pretend you're camping and set up a blanket fort in your lounge room. Where better to tell spooky ghost stories than in a fort with a torch under your chin?


The important things you should actually have on hand for a blackout:

  • Candles
  • Torches
  • Batteries
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Esky (use frozen foods to keep other foods cold in the esky if you don't have access to ice)
  • A generator (if you want to be really prepared)
  • Car phone charger