Toowoomba holds title of sexiest town in Australia

TOOWOOMBA is the sex-toy capital of Australia and still holds the title of country's sexiest town.

Online adult store Femplay said the Garden City came in at number one based on the number of adult toy sales.

Last year, Femplay announced Toowoomba was the sexiest city closely followed by Gladstone, Beenleigh, Ayr and Ipswich. 

Now the second spot is awarded to Cairns followed by Sydney, Townsville, Melbourne and Brisbane.

"Toowoomba is still number one, can you believe it? A close second is Cairns which came in at number one a couple of years ago, seems it isn't as hot as it used to be," a Femplay office manager Lea-Anne Trevillion said.

"Keep sexy Toowoomba. We love you."

The report comes after City Women Toowoomba called on the city's 50,000-strong male population to abstain from pornography in October last year.

Clare Wilson from the AO Adult Store in Toowoomba said although she agreed residents bought a lot of toys for the bedroom she was surprised the town was number one.

"We get all different types of people through our doors who are interested in a range of products," she said.

"I'm surprised we are the sexiest town though, but we do get a lot of orders for toys so I suppose it makes sense based on the sale numbers."

Femplay continues to monitors its sales to see if another town can take over Toowoomba as the sex-toy capital of Australia.