Dog lost for two years reunited with owner

Roxie was reunited with her owner after two years of being lost in Toowoomba. Photo Contributed
Roxie was reunited with her owner after two years of being lost in Toowoomba. Contributed

A HEARTWARMING story of a dog being reunited with its owner after being lost for two years has emerged in Toowoomba.

Two years ago North Toowoomba woman Gail lost her purebred Maltese named Roxie.

The dog disappeared from its owner's yard without a trace, a victim of a suspected dog-napping.

The dog was found about three weeks ago on Greenwattle St, Wilsonton, near the Toowoomba tip.

A customer of Toowoomba dog groomer Elena Raiti found the dog in a terrible state.

The dog had been wandering the streets and was covered in bindi weeds, dirt, was "very filthy" and thin.

"It was a real wreck, nervous and anxious," Ms Raiti said.

The Gentle Touch Pet Grooming owner helps reunited lost dogs with their owners and re-homes them if an owner can't be found.

She "went to hell and back" to try and find the owner of the 10-year-old dog.

"I had people doorknocking for a 5km radius and we posted it on Facebook and on Gumtree," she said.

"Eventually someone from Gumtree phoned up and said, 'it could be my dog'.

"She came over and met the dog and the reaction was instant.

"Roxie jumped all over her, smelling her - the dog never responded to anyone like that."

Ms Raiti suspects the dog was stolen and then dumped, just weeks ago.

"It's really common for dogs to be stolen, especially purebred dogs," she said.

Ms Raiti said the owner never gave up on believing that the dog would be found.

"She told me should would look at every Maltese she saw on the street."

Ms Raiti said it was the "best result".

"It's so exciting, everyone on Facebook was saying how fabulous it was that we didn't give up on looking for the owner."

She said it was the longest she'd ever heard of a dog being missing and reunited with its owner.

Posted by Toowoomba Pets - Lost and Found on Thursday, 1 October 2015