Toowoomba court finds man guilty of dog fighting link


A 48-YEAR-OLD Kingsthorpe man has been found guilty of supplying a pitbull terrier type for a dog fighting ring as well as other animal mistreatment charges.

At a Toowoomba Magistrates Court hearing in August, Glenn John Wilson had pleaded not guilty to one count of supplying animals for a prohibited event, namely dog fighting, and seven counts of breaching a duty of care for dogs on his property.

The court heard RSPCA inspectors in August last year had gone to Wilson's property at Kallangur between Kingsthorpe and Goombungee and seized five dogs belonging to him.

Another dog of Wilson's was later seized from the same property.

Inspectors also seized items believed to be related to organised dog fighting including a treadmill with a leash attached and a break stick used to separate fighting dogs.

Some of the dogs had scarring which experts told the court were consistent with organised dogfighting and inconsistent with accidental fights or pig hunting.

After a two-day hearing, Magistrate Graham Lee reserved his findings which he released yesterday.

Mr Lee found Wilson guilty of supplying a pitbull type dog named Pretty Girl for dog fighting as well as to breaching a duty of care to three other dogs.

Two of those charges related to inappropriate living conditions for pitbull type dogs Chico and Jesus and one of failing to treat an injury to a dog named Naughty.

RSPCA inspectors claimed the dogs Chico and Jesus had been confined on thick collars and had heavy chains attached to vehicle axels embedded in the ground.

The manner in which they were kept was also, according to expert evidence accepted by the court, consistent with the way organised dog-fighting dogs were kept.

Though his solicitor, Wilson had argued that there was nothing to suggest the injuries on the dogs hadn't been sustained by dogs engaging in a fight in the yard.

He will be sentenced in Toowoomba Magistrates Court in February and remains on bail.