Toowoomba boy, 4, ordered to remove his hoodie at servo

A TOOWOOMBA mother has been left dumbfounded after her four-year-old boy was ordered to remove his hoodie because of a policy intended to protect staff from armed robbers.

The Courier Mail reports Sarah Robinson stopped in at the Ruthven St BP to get something to eat with her son Cooper who was wearing his favourite Batman hoodie.

Ms Robinsons claims an attendant said to her son, "little fella, you need to take your hoodie off".

"I said 'that's a bit ridiculous' but she said it was policy. I said 'what, do you think he's going to pull a gun out?' and she said 'no, but he might steal a Freddo Frog'."

A BP spokesman said, "BP has a policy that asks motorcyclists wearing crash helmets and those wearing hoodies to remove their helmets/hoodies before entering the store.

"The policy does not apply to religious headwear."

The spokesman said the policy had been in force for many years.

"It is designed to reduce the risk to staff and came about through working closely with police and from incident investigations following attempted and actual robberies.

"The policy is not meant to apply to young children.

"BP is aware of a child being asked for remove his hoodie at BP North End, Toowoomba.

"In this circumstance, this policy was obviously not applied fairly.

 "The customer service representative who asked the child to remove his hoodie has been spoken to and asked to take a more common sense approach to the policy in the future.

 "BP's customer service team have been in touch with the child's mother and have apologised.

"BP regrets if any offence was caused by this incident."

Cooper’s parents are furious he was targeted.