TOP REFLEXES: If you want to shoot an award-winning photo, be ready for the magic.
TOP REFLEXES: If you want to shoot an award-winning photo, be ready for the magic. Trent Mitchell

Tips from a pro for taking the perfect surf photo

EVER tried to capture the perfect surf shot? Last year's Nikon Surf Photo of The Year winner Trent Mitchell has a few tips.

1. Become a master at local weather forecasting. I don't mean just checking the weather forecast on your phone, seek a deeper knowledge of your local coast to tap into. Understand how your local coastal areas behave under a multitude of conditions that include, light, wind, swell, tides, etc.

2. Be ready for the magic. Always be ready and flexible when shooting seascapes. Coastal conditions change every waking moment of the day. Respond according to conditions and be open to capturing lucky, unplanned surprises.

3. Keep your gear protected. Having a good water housing, weather proof cameras, durable tripods, lenses, bags, etc all help in making the shooting experience less stressful in the elements. Saltwater, spray and sand eat cameras. Look after your gear and it will last for years to come.

4. Experiment with different techniques, locations, times of day, lenses, seasons, swells, you name it. Just play and enjoy the experience at being close to the beach or in the ocean.

5. Surround yourself with a positive and supportive local surf photo community. Don't give up, create for your own self satisfaction and fall in love with the process. Most importantly hit the ocean for a swim without a camera, life's not all about getting the shot.

Entries for the Nikon Surf Photo of The Year 2019 close on Friday, February 15.

The awards are in partnership with Surfing Australia and open to ANY Australian Resident shooting on any camera (that means GoPro, iPhone, Canon, Sony, etc. we don't discriminate) as long as there's some water in the frame, your entry will be considered.

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