Quarantine kids: Three rushed to hospital over virus fears


Three children reportedly sick with COVID-19 have been rushed from Sydney's Hilton hotel to hospital while undergoing a quarantine. 

Pictures from Tuesday evening around 10pm show the three children taken in ambulances from the hotel by emergency service workers in protective equipment. Their parents and siblings also got into waiting cars.

A police source told the Mail Online the children were bound for Royal Prince Alfred hospital for coronavirus treatment.

The Hilton is one of the hotels housing hundreds of Australians that have been forced to quarantine for 14 days after arriving home from overseas.

There is little concrete data on how COVID-19 affects children however it's thought they are less susceptible to the disease or suffer a milder version. In Australia there have been less than 100 cases involving children aged 0-9 years old.

It comes as 13 NSW suburbs will see an increase in testing for COVID-19 due to an unknown source of community transmission that is seeing case numbers rise. They include wealthy Sydney beachside suburbs of Waverley and Manly, where pictures recently showed people flouting social distancing rules.