Queensland Ambulance Service 2017
Queensland Ambulance Service 2017

Five children injured riding bikes on rural properties

Five children have been injured riding motorcycles at rural homes in the past two nights. 

Queensland Ambulance Service Mackay acting senior operations supervisor Erin Saltmarsh said paramedics had treated the children across Mackay and Rockhampton for bruises and suspected broken bones. 

A male teen injured his ankle after coming off his bike at Clareview about 6pm.

In a separate incident at The Leap, a young girl seriously injured her leg just before 6.30pm. 

Ms Saltmarsh said the girl was injured after colliding with another rider. 

"She sustained a pretty nasty leg fracture," she said. 

After this, a young boy in his early teens injured his arm, shoulder and abdomen coming off a jump at St Lawrence about 7pm. 

All three were taken to Mackay Base Hospital in a stable condition.

A fourth child was taken to Rockhampton Hospital overnight after a motorbike incident and another child was injured on Wednesday night at Crediton in a similar incident.  

Ms Saltmarsh said it was important kids wore protective gear and were well supervised by parents. 

"Broken limbs are a painful way to end the school holidays,"she said. 

"We would much rather see the kids on their bikes having fun rather than on our stretcher. 

"Whether it is a quad bike or a two-wheeler, we ask parents to ensure young riders are well fitted with protective gear and directed away from hazards."