WOW FACTOR: Linsey Pollak performing instrument-bending magic.
WOW FACTOR: Linsey Pollak performing instrument-bending magic. Contributed

This sounds mighty interesting in Cooran

FOR Linsey Pollak everyday life offers almost unlimited, off-the-wall musical opportunities as he turns a carrot into a clarinet and makes more fascinating music with a drinking straw oboe, a rubber glove bagpipe and a variety of other zany creations.

Linsey is returning to the to the Noosa hinterland with his new show Paper Scissors Rock using live looping to spellbind his audiences with blends of vocal percussion, a bit of jawharp and funky bass lines. He is appearing this Saturday at Cooran Hall at 7.30pm with tickets $20 or $15 concession.

Go to: https: cooranhall -linsey-pollak-solo-show -paper-scissors-rock.

Linsey has toured in Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe and has designed a number of new wind instruments and specialises in woodwind instruments from Eastern Europe.

In the 1970s he set up a workshop in London for two years making renaissance flutes and also began making reed instruments, especially gaidas (bagpipes) from Macedonia and Bulgaria.

From 1980, Linsey has specialised in making musical instruments from various house and garden objects such as the garden hose panpipes and the watering can clarinet. More recently he has designed hybrid wind instruments such as clarinis which are narrow bore clarinets made from aluminium, wood, bamboo and glass.

One of his memorable musical moments was called The Big Marimba, where 400 people built 320 metres of marimbas across the Brisbane River at Victoria Bridge as part of the Brisbane Biennial Music Festival.

Linsey said: "Music actually can be pretty simple to create. Although there are beautifully complex systems of music that unravel and expand with years of study and training, the truth is that the simplest forms of musical expression can be just as beautiful, just as rewarding, just as inspiring.”