The two Coast suburbs thieves are targeting right now

BREAKING: Thieves go on holidays too. Sunshine Coast police have issued that warning as they investigate two clusters of break-ins to homes at Alexandra Headland and the Buderim/ Tanawha area.

Maroochydore police operations leader Senior Sergeant Matt Robertson said thieves were taking opportunities where residents were letting their guard down on home security.

"People have been leaving places and vehicles unlocked while ducking away for half an hour," Snr Sgt Robertson said.

He said four or five houses were broken into in a small area of Alexandra Headland on Monday and Tuesday last week.

Another four or five houses have been broken into in the Buderim and Tanawha areas in the past fortnight.

Items including food, jewellery, money, mobile phones and computer products have been taken.

"It tends to be easily-concealed products," Snr Sgt Robertson said.

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A Buderim resident disturbed an intruder in their yard at Sunnyridge Rise about in the middle of the afternoon on Monday.

"Thieves go on holidays too.

"They come from elsewhere to the Coast.

"If the opportunity arises, they will take it."

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Snr Sgt Robertson said theft offences tended to increase as the temperature rose into summer.

He said people were out of their homes more often and tended to leave windows open.

His advice to residents was to always lock their homes and cars and report suspicious people to police.

"No one knows the neighbourhood better than than the people (living) in that area."