RIVERSIDE FUN: The cast of The Rogue Toad.
RIVERSIDE FUN: The cast of The Rogue Toad.

Theatre on the river is a first

HERE'S something different. A play set on the Noosa River tells the story of five anthropomorphic friends who set out on an adventure and find prejudice and love along the way.

Boarding the ferry in Tewantin at Noosa Marina, enjoy the scenery as you watch The Rogue Toad performed as you cruise the river picking up characters on the way, including a family of friendly blue tongues.

Ratty, an Australian bush rat, loves helping people out and when his mate from the UK, Mole, asks him a favour he can't refuse. But Ratty's not smart enough to help him out all on his own, so he enlists his mate Toad to help, and this is where the fun and games begin. Toad is a little prejudiced in his thinking and then there's the beautiful Turkish badger and we are in for a hilarious story of love, mateship and a little humble pie.

Enjoy this light-hearted story at a leisurely riverside pace on the Noosa Ferry launching from, and returning to, Tewantin Marina on May 26 and 27 at 11am.

Pre-purchase tickets ($30) at http://anywhere.is/ listings/theroguetoad/.