TALENTED TRIO: Carol Burls, Rita Walker and Dunia Tarrant rehearse for The Elderberry.
TALENTED TRIO: Carol Burls, Rita Walker and Dunia Tarrant rehearse for The Elderberry. Contributed

Theatre moths drawn to lights

I CAN'T help wondering if the new lights at the Yandina intersection are attracting theatre moths to the immediate area (the immediate area being the big IGA on one corner).

Last Sunday, around lunchtime, there was Indee actor Rita Walker flitting from aisle to aisle, while in the vegie section, Carol Burls did her thing (both had just finished rehearsing for the play The Elderberry).

As they exited, so, too, did SRT director Simon Denver and actor Brad Thompson, both on their way to rehearse the new version of Brett Klease's Job's Right.

A brief footpath fusion of the players exchanged news on progress of their respective productions and then life returned to normal for the quiet village.

The Elderberry is one of the trio of Indee comedies listed for the Comedy and Consomme dinner and show season, starting July 17 at Palmwoods. Along with its seasoned cast of Rita Walker, Carol Burls and moi, it introduces newcomer, Dunia Tarrant, who's proving quite a talented Tarrant.

Likewise, To Hal and Back, another of the comedy trio, has a seasoned cast of Luke Lanham, Debbie Pitura, Ruth Walker and Keith Souter and introduces newcomer Belle Thallon, who's also displaying strong thespian tendencies.

I had a long letter this week, via the ether, from old UK friend Derek Sturt.

Derek and wife Sue, who live in Horsham, Sussex, spent an extended holiday here on the Sunshine Coast, 14 years ago and were Indee vollies. Derek, who works at the big Capitol Theatre in Horsham, said that he'd just looked at the new Indee website (loved it) and was reminded that the first show that he saw here was Comedy and Consomme.

Get in early. Visit www.theindeeatpalmwoods. com or call 5472 8200.