The Tempest features Eden Tregear and Toby Gurd.
The Tempest features Eden Tregear and Toby Gurd.

The Tempest set in Lake Macdonald tranquillity

PREPARE for romance, revenge and a touch of magic as Little Seed Theatre Company again stages The Tempest as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Set against the stunning scenery of Lake Macdonald, and staged in the 250-seat Roman-style amphitheatre at Noosa Botanic Gardens, The Tempest is Little Seed's third foray into Shakespearean drama.

The show was performed twice on the weekend, and again on Saturday and Sunday.

Little Seed Director Johanna Wallace says The Tempest "sweeps audiences through stormy seas to an island of airy and earthly spirits”.

"The play explores themes of magic, betrayal and revenge and speaks to the power of art to transform and liberate us,” Ms Wallace explains.

Written around 1610, and thought to be one of Shakespeare's final works, The Tempest begins at sea during a storm.

Sorcerer Prospera, the Duchess of Milan, and her daughter Miranda are washed up on a remote island with only two companions: Caliban, a savage monster, and Ariel, a fairy spirit.

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