Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Evan Vucci

The silent majority finally being heard

THE result of the US election should put all politicians on notice that the silent majority are unhappy.

Pauline Hansen first spoke up for the silent majority in 1995 about CCT in Ispwich and punishments to suit the crimes.

For that, her party disendorsed her and Pauline went on to win the seat as an independant; hence the rise of One Nation.

The safe federal seats of the Sunshine Coast were not being effectively represented by sitting members, taken for granted by the Federal Government with little or no recognition by them; hence the rise of Clive Palmer and his party.

Come 2016, Pauline Hansen and One Nation again arose from the ashes.

Her rise again was carried by the silent majority who have had enough.

Federal Treasury tells us we must reduce the aged pension asset test to preclude too many users of this benefit.

They do not address the super rich and their tax minimising schemes, double-dipping, outragous beneifits for outgoing and retired politicianns but attack the hard-working silent majority to reduce their ability for aged pension assistance.

Take a lesson from the US election. The people are very unhappy with government double standards and are making their voices heard.

If they fail to hear and heed the warnings, it will be to their peril.