PLENTY OF CHARACTERS: Some of The Indee's (other) village people.
PLENTY OF CHARACTERS: Some of The Indee's (other) village people. CONTRIBUTED

The Reluctant Dragon boasts characters galore

UNDER the blanket title of The Village People, I once wrote a series of one-act plays about folk living in retirement.

It wasn't a great choice of name because quite a number of theatres thought it was about the Greenwich Village phenomenon and imagined stories about the Construction Worker, Cowboy, Police Officer, Leatherman, Soldier or Native American.

I was reminded of this rather macabre mistake when I looked at the current rehearsal schedule for The Reluctant Dragon and saw "village people, 3pm Friday”.

Since The Indee's village people are mostly female, it's hard to picture them all sporting heavy drooping moustaches - a prerequisite of the disco lot.

Nonetheless, I'm sure they'd be game enough to attempt a rousing chorus of YMCA or In The Navy, provided that the beat was changed to three-four time.

Putting any live theatre show together is like having problems flown in, fresh daily, but it's the very thing that keeps it interesting.

And as playwright Tom Stoppard said, "No problem is insoluble, given a big enough plastic bag.”

But in quoting that, I can't leave out one-time US Vice-President Dan Quayle's observance: "Solutions are not the answer.”

The Indee's village people are, like the disco lot, storybook stereotypes and, again like them, they're great fun.

Among them there's Mrs Shawl, who owns the haberdashery, Miss Peabody, proprietor of the sweet shop and Mrs Bath from the butchery.

Then on the male side are Wimpy the Lamplighter and Squire Peephole, the village ding-a-ling and noted hot-air exponent - all living a normal, bickering life until Albert G Dragon hits town.

The Reluctant Dragon is great family fare and while it avoids TV sitcom moral lessons, it does have one underlying theme: "Don't tar everyone with the same brush”.

Check The Indee website at for dates and yes, you can book this early.