GET LYRICAL: The Lyrical will perform at the Noosa Australia Day Festival.
GET LYRICAL: The Lyrical will perform at the Noosa Australia Day Festival. Contributed

The Lyrical on Noosa Australia Day Festival stage

MUSICIAN Karl Smith of The Lyrical says the band never targeted a particular demographic but even he was surprised when three generations of one family came along to a gig.

"It's great when parents bring their kids or kids bring their parents and once we had three generations and they were all fans of different versions of different ones of our songs,” Smith said.

The Lyrical will be performing for families at the Noosa Australia Day Festival on January 26 - fresh off the stage from Sound Feast, which is at The J the night before.

"I love that (the Australia Day gig) is all ages. I can't wait,” he said.

Smith began busking in Brisbane before being unearthed by radio station Triple J and his music is a mix of influences, styles and sounds.

Smith is the first to admit no one can really describe his style of music.

"The closest I've heard is world roots... or roots, but what is roots?” he said.

"We go from hip hop to rock and roll to jazz to blues to reggae and all of it somehow seems to sound like us.”

Adding to the musical diversity is Smith's unique vocals.

"I had vocal surgery early last year and after that I was told I had to get a vocal coach,” he said.

"He said instead of techniques I have characters.

"The voices are all impersonations of my own self that I have fallen in love with but none that I could actually become attached with.”

Smith said he loves playing big festival shows to back yard gigs and "everything in between”.

The Lyrical will be on the main stage from 3-4pm at the Noosa Australia Day Festival in Lions Park, Noosaville on Saturday, January 26.

Entry is free.