St George promises Olivia and Tim Tim not to hurt Albert, their dragon friend.
St George promises Olivia and Tim Tim not to hurt Albert, their dragon friend. CONTRIBUTED

The Indee Theatre's pantomime tradition continues

NOW that the mince-pie season is done and dusted, I wonder how long before we see 2017's first hot-cross bun?

It's all going too fast.

It seems no time since the previous Indee panto Robin Hood was cavorting about the Sherwood Forest stage and now it's a week and a day away to The Reluctant Dragon.

Time seems to pass far more quickly the older you get, although I note that scientists are now on the brink of reversing the aging process in mice and, if successful, in humans.

Aging backwards, we might soon all live to be a 120, but at that point, we'll be in cots, wearing nappies.

Theatre will have to change dramatically (no pun intended), with no such thing as mature-aged actors. Eight-year-olds will be playing grandparents.

These thoughts drifted through the cranium as I watched rehearsals of The Reluctant Dragon, noting the contrast between the very young and those more wisened: for example, at rehearsal end, the youngsters yawn far more than the adults.

The village choir has warmed to the task of saving Albert, the little pink dragon, and it's terrific that two children, recently arrived from Bangladesh. are among them.

This charming story, packed with song, laughter and adventure, is aimed at all ages from four upwards.

It will open tomorrow week and run for three weekends: Saturdays at 3pm and Sundays at 11am and 3pm.

The Indee Theatre, now at Yandina School of Arts, has priced tickets at $15 each for all ages and has added in a special offer of "four for fifty”: book four tickets and pay just $50 (save $2.50 per ticket).

The Indee continues its tradition of free popcorn for all children.

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