Gentle Hannah stars in The Herb Garden this Sunday, December 4, at Yandina.
Gentle Hannah stars in The Herb Garden this Sunday, December 4, at Yandina. CONTRIBUTED

The Indee takes radical step for Welcome to Yandina

THE Indee Theatre committee is a collective stickler for tradition.

But with a new venue at Yandina soon to open and after much-heated discussion, it's announced a radical step.

For aeons, it has observed the theatrical rites of spring with its public performances of the pagan chanting of "Hey Nonny, Nonny and a Ho, Ho, Ho” (with actions).

However, to stimulate interest in its Welcome To Yandina celebrations on Sunday, December 4, it has voted unanimously to change the pagan ritual this year to this: the first weekend of summer.

This has caused ructions with many dedicated spring worshippers on the Coast and The Indee has been formally advised that its presence will no longer be required to chant in September 2017, when Morris dancing fever hits its peak.

Furthermore, should rumours be true that the theatre is trying to organise its own Morris singing and Morris alphorns for this weekend's knees-up, appropriate legal steps will be taken.

For those who've said "yes” to the invitation to be at Welcome to Yandina, the theatre has included the short comedy The Herb Garden as the main thrust of this Sunday's program.

Returning from an Icelandic holiday to reprise her role as Detective Sergeant Throssle - the ultimate winner in a dark tale, pebbled with one-upmanship - is Lindley Moon.

Rita Walker, back from Canberra, will play dominant sister Elouise and Carol Burls, fresh from North Arm, will play the gentle Hannah.

As comedies go, it's pretty dark, but in its previous incarnations over the past decade, it's achieved maximum chuckles on the laugh scale.

With a very slight salute to Arsenic and Old Lace, it looks at what might lie beneath the soil of a flourishing herb garden.

Anyone in receipt of a Welcome To Yandina invite who hasn't yet responded (and wants to be there), reply ASAP to 5472 800.