OUR SAY: The heroes who make life better

IF ONLY the pages of the Daily were infinite.

Then on a day like today we'd be able to fill one page after another with all the Aussie legends in our community who have played their part in making the world a better place.

Reading the stories of those who won the top gongs is an inspiration to say the least.

From the OAMs to our local Citizen of the Year, we thank them for their contribution.

But it was the two young citizens - Nathan Tessmann and Brooke Pratt - who really made our hearts sing.

We can all learn a lot from this pair, one a hip hop rapper with a rare condition and the other a sole survivor of a horrific car crash.

Instead of dwelling on the hand they've been dealt, they have used their challenges to help others.

At the ages of just 21 and 15, these two could teach many 30, 40, 50 and 60-year-old adults a lot about how to live life.

And if these guys represent even a small fraction of the next generation, you can't help but feel you're in great hands.