The truck activity on the road has increased significantly.
The truck activity on the road has increased significantly. Luka Kauzlaric

The good news about the Richmond Valley's worst road

RICHMOND Valley's Woodburn-Coraki Road has been described by locals as a "disaster” and a "mess”.

It is arguably the region's worst road, made even worse by increased truck activity due to the Pacific Highway upgrade.

Bad weather has also contributed to the deterioration of the road over the past few years.

A spokeswoman from Richmond Valley Council said they were "very aware of the condition” of the road.

"Use has intensified over the past two years with a large number of heavy haulage trucks, not just Quarry Solutions but other companies servicing the Pacific Highway upgrade works and others using the Summerland Way to avoid delays, all impacting on the road surface,” she said.

"The three floods in three months this time last year also contributed to its deterioration.

"The good news is worked started this week on the rehabilitation of the Woodburn-Coraki Road.

"Funds to start this project came from a heavy haulage levy applied to Quarry Solutions and some other heavy industries, and a $1 million Federal Government grant.”

The 1.7km stage one is located 200m west of Old Ferry Road and finishes 350m east of Reardon's Lane, and is anticipated to finish at the end of July.

The spokeswoman said stage two encompasses the start of Purseys Road and finishes 1.4km east of that, and is anticipated to start almost immediately after the completion of stage one, with the aim to finish in mid October.

She said Richmond Valley Council continued to seek a significant boost in funding for this regional road, which is owned by the RMS and maintained by the council.

The council has urged all motorists to drive with care as there will be speed restrictions in place throughout the work site, with on-site traffic control and one-way alternating traffic, and traffic lights after hours when needed.

Local resident Steve Cselka has been travelling the road for the past four years and said it "used to be great” but was now a "disaster”.

A year ago he was travelling behind a truck when rocks flew off the back of it and smashed his car windscreen.

"I was on the way to Casino and every time it hit a bump or pothole, rocks went everywhere and in the end it smashed my windscreen,” Mr Cselka said.

He took photos of the truck when the incident occurred.

"The quarry company happily replaced my windscreen no worries, but people should be aware if they break their windscreen along that road, the quarry is liable,” he said.

"It cost them more than $1000.”

Mr Cselka said there were "potholes everywhere”.

"I'm all for the bypass - it's great - but if they are wrecking that road then repair it.”

"The quarry is pumping mess... someone's got to fix it.

"I was happy (with the result) but it shouldn't have to come to up.”