THE Beach Party co-promoter said safety will be a priority at this years New Years Eve event.
THE Beach Party co-promoter said safety will be a priority at this years New Years Eve event. Contributed

The Beach Party promoter promises safety is a priority

THE Beach Party co-promoter and Rococo Noosa owner Richard Pace said he was aware of a group in the Hastings Street Association opposed to the New Year's Eve event.

"The only reason I think if there's any split, it's probably for commercial jealousy reasons,” he said.

"Obviously it is a big chunk of people (going to the party).”

However he said most of the top restaurants in town would still be booked out despite the massive beach gathering further along Noosa Spit.

Mr Pace said he was aware of parking closure concerns on the Spit to help stage the event but only half of one carpark area would be needed for three days and the entire site would be closed on the day before the event and remain closed for less than two days.

"We've indicated to the HSA if we don't need it (all the parks) we won't take it,” Mr Pace said.

"We're here to promote tourism, not stop it. What we're doing is we're meeting tourist expectations on one of Southeast Queensland's most famous streets.”

He said Wonderland was supplying five security for general Hastings St security, four special police and 20 event security to help ensure the event was orderly.

"There will be more security in the street than there ever has been by 500per cent,” he said.

"Plus our event is marketed at the 35-plus market.”

He said the biggest misconception was that the party was aimed at young people but ticket pricing starting at $85 up to the VIP premium of $295 would help ensure it was not.

He said last year Rococo did a beach club marquee for Noosa Alive!, which was a similar, fully licensed beach event that attracted crowds of 18,000 over three days without one licensing or police complaint.

Mr Pace estimated 25 per cent of paying guests would be staying in Hastings St and many people would come at varying stages to an event starting from 5.30pm that served last drinks strictly at 1.30am.

"There may be up to eight shuttle buses running, four of which we will supply and there's a couple the Reef (Hotel) have donated,” he said.

He said the event would have traffic wardens, volunteer guides, a lifeguard and first aiders who would be in contact with the police.