How to make the most of Telstra's free data day on Sunday

TELSTRA customers can ready their mobile devices for an online streaming TV marathon as the telecommunications giant makes good on its free data day on Sunday.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said in a statement in March about eight million customers were left with no service across the country on March 17.

>> What to watch this free data day

"About half of our mobile customers experienced disruption to their voice and data services," he said.

"On behalf of everyone at Telstra, I am very sorry and deeply disappointed this happened."

A huge number of customers were kicked off the network simultaneously, which then meant their connections were attempting to rejoin the network at the same time, causing congestion.

In February, about 800,000 Telstra customers lost internet and phone access, with a free data day the following Sunday.

This was the second time in two months the telco had a massive network failure, followed by a day of free downloads.

Customers felt deja vu as a third disruption affected more than 500,000 mobile users on March 22, after Telstra's network again went down.

It affected 3% of Telstra's 16.9 million mobile phone users, or about 506,000 people.

He said customers did not need to do anything to receive the free data.

Just turn off your home WiFi to make sure you're using the Telstra network.

So set the alarm early and make the most of the unlimited data on offer. Update your software, download the entire Wikipedia or get a leg up on YouTube videos.

Here's a few tips on how to make the most of Telstra's free data day: 

  1. Download software updates on all your devices.
  2. Stream, stream and stream some more of your favourite movies and TV shows on Stan, Netflix, YouTube, Foxtel Play and Quickflix.
  3. Download music and movies through apps such as Apple iTunes and Spotify.
  4. Tether your phone to your laptop to create an internet hotspot and then use your computer to legally download more of your fave shows and movies.