FEELS SAFE: Anna Toohey straps on a Sharkbanz at the school state surfing titles.
FEELS SAFE: Anna Toohey straps on a Sharkbanz at the school state surfing titles. Contributed

Teenagers at shark hotspot feel safer with this on

SURFING: Queensland's top young surfers are competing at Point Lookout, home to one of the best breaks in the state. It's also a notorious hotspot for sharks.

But Anna Toohey and plenty of her mates are hitting the waves with confidence, because they're wearing Sharkbanz.

"I feel really safe to be honest," the Caloundra teenager said.

"I thought I saw a couple of splashes out the back but I was then like 'oh it's so good I'm wearing my Sharkbanz."

The manufacturer says the device is designed to "provide peace of mind in the water and on the beach."

And it's a major sponsor of the Queensland Schools Sport 13-19 years State Surfing Championships.

"When we check in (for our heats) they give us the band and ask us to put it around our leg or arm," Toohey said.

"When we get out there in the water it sends these pulses and it's supposed to scare away the sharks, if they don't like the sound."

"At first we were kind of like 'they probably don't work' but once we put them on everyone was surprised how much safer they felt because they were just wearing something."

Toohey has had a shark encounter before and is aware they could be nearby.

"Once at Kawana beach I was training with (coach) Brad Lee) and the surf was pretty big and as we went to duck dive we saw a shark in the face of the wave. It was pretty scary," she said.

"It's always a little bit at the back of your mind. If you're not surfing at the safest spot, your;e always like 'what if something pops up?"

She's already seen some commotion in the water at this competition at North Stradbroke Island, which has a history of attacks.

"It was probably just fish. We saw a massive group of fish out near the rocks so it was probably just fish but you now, you've always got your eye out."

But she felt safer with the band and competed with confidence to win her opening heat in the under-16 girls section.

The Siena Catholic College student finished fourth last year. The competition started on Friday and is set to finish on Sunday.