Teen shares hilarious ‘psychic reading’

A TEENAGER has hilariously revealed how she managed to get a refund from an online psychic who didn't get anything right.

Niamh Gargan paid £10 ($AU18) to be told her fortune but was seriously underwhelmed by the result.

The 19-year-old from Glasgow received less-than-startling predictions such as she was "into beauty and hair" and wanted to "settle down with someone".

The Facebook psychic, "Brodie Mcdougall", at first declined a refund, insisting her work "takes a lot of energy".

But after a further series of predictions fell well wide of the mark - including pregnancy - the psychic gave in and returned Niamh's cash.

Niamh sent screenshots of her conversation with the 'clairvoyant' to her friend, Matthew Currie, who posted them on Twitter, writing: "Honestly couldn't make up the stuff Niamh does. Paid a random lassie £10 for a psychic reading and got this."

Niamh today admitted: "I felt like an idiot but I couldn't stop laughing at my own stupidity and the things she was coming out with. I think she was just saying the first thing that came into her head."

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