18-year-old Jack Kettleton lost a bet and had to wear a bra and high heels to wash cars.
18-year-old Jack Kettleton lost a bet and had to wear a bra and high heels to wash cars. Contributed

Teen dons bra and heels to wash car after losing licence

AN 18-YEAR-OLD teenager had to wear a bra high heels to wash cars after losing his licence.

Jack Kettleton of Moranbah made a bet with his brother that he wouldn't lose his license for speeding, but after too many fines this became a reality.

Jack's mother Leanne Kettleton said she was very proud of her two sons who sometimes make mistakes.

"The reality is Jack could have killed himself or even worse, someone else," she said.

"As parents, the greatest fear that my husband and I have is a knock on the door from the police advising us of the unthinkable. A bet between two brothers was turned into an opportunity to shame Jack for his dangerous and stupid actions and at the same time, participate in some family imposed community service.

"Members of the QPS, QFRS and QAS complimented the brothers on a pro-active way of trying to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding. I am not going to put specific details on here suffice to say that both of my boys have been served up to the police on a platter at the hands of me, their mother.

"That's right, I have dragged one up there myself and called the police to collect the other from his bed - both for bad behaviour that needed a lesson more severe than I could dish out. Without my action, there would not have been consequences and to me, that is unacceptable.

"Our family have ways of teaching each other lessons that may seem unorthodox for some people but it works for us. Will he speed again - I hope not but I can't say yes or no. If any of you have a way of predicting the actions of 18 year olds, feel free to share your wisdom with me as I'm buggered if I can work them out.

As to anyone taking offence at him dressing like a female - if that is for real, I'm just a little bit embarrassed for you".

The car wash raised about $200 for emergency services.