Tears as Scott Cam shuts down The Block


Scott Cam finally called time on The Block in dramatic scenes that aired during Monday night's episode, ordering a coronavirus shutdown that would last for more than five weeks.

For days now, viewers have watched the cast ofThe Block- in episodes filmed back in March - become increasingly nervous as the world shuts down around them.

In an initial announcement made during Monday's episode, Cam was adamant the show could continue.

"I've spoken directly to the federal minister and Victorian state ministry … and they have said to me that they would like to see us continue," he told the cast and crew. "Three words I didn't think I'd say today. Back to work!"


Scott Cam delivers the news.
Scott Cam delivers the news.

But Cam's tone was very different at a second emergency meeting later in the episode.

"We have been monitoring the situation hour-by-hour, and I'm afraid to say it's getting worse, not better. Obviously we want to continue for as long as we can, and it's for a very good reason... It's not about making a TV show; it's about keeping everybody employed. our tradies, our crew."

Cam explained that they had been working under the assumption that, should they go into lockdown, they would be able to get the contestants back to their home states safely.

"But this morning, the UK government initiated a lockdown of its citizens without warning. Frankly, that's a risk I'm not willing to take," he said.

"The most important thing to me is to get you guys back home to your families safely so you can ride this out together. You need to be with your loved ones. So, I'm shutting it down now."

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Contestants break down as they process the news.
Contestants break down as they process the news.

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"I'm sorry it's come to this, but I'm really looking forward to getting you back here as soon as possible. Pack your bags gang, you're going home."

Contestants wept as they realised they'd be saying goodbye to The Block for now - and as Tash put it, the uncertainty about whether they'd be out for "two weeks or two years" was hard to handle.

In fact, it would be five and a half weeks at home before they received a call from Cam inviting them to return to the building site and resume filming The Block:


Scott Cam invites the contestants back to The Block.
Scott Cam invites the contestants back to The Block.


The Block continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Nine.

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