Teachers welcome OP overhaul, but students must come first

THE Queensland Teachers' Union says it cautiously welcomes the overhaul to the OP system in what is the biggest shake-up of the education sector in decades.

Education Minister Kate Jones said Cabinet had approved the overhaul, which would see the state move away from its Overall Position score and Core Skills Test.

Students will now face a mix of both internal and external examinations in order to receive an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank.

The OP score ranks students from 1 to 25, whereas the ATAR scores students between 99.95 and 0.

The changes will take effect from 2018.

QTU president Kevin Bates said on Tuesday the state was a world leader when it came to school-based assessment.

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But he said any overhaul of the education system must have student outcomes at the forefront of any potential decisions.

"There is always a need for review to ensure we offer students the best education possible," he said.

"We are also particularly happy with the formation of a taskforce that will consult with stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome."

Ms Jones told an education estimates hearing she would chair a ministerial taskforce to oversee the changes.

She acknowledged the bipartisan support the reforms had.

"I am passionate about education because I know the power it has to transform lives," she said.

"This is part of the government's commitment to providing the best possible education for our children."




Current Year 8 students will be the first to graduate in 2018 under the new system.

The seven-hour Core Skills Test will be scrapped.

Students will undertake three internal and one external assessment over two years.

Students will be awarded an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of between 0-99.95 - replacing the OP Score of 1-25.