Target slammed over cancelled orders


IN THE early hours of Sunday morning, mums around Australia blearily stared at their phones, robotically hitting the refresh button for the bazillionth time.

Failure was not an option - no one wanted to be the one to tell their kid they had missed out on the Bluey merch, which had just launched on Target's website.

Yes, the range of adorable kids' clothing, sleepwear and underwear will also be stocked at Big W and Kmart from next week - but you try explaining that to a threenager.


Kids dress up in their favourite bluey merchandise.
Kids dress up in their favourite bluey merchandise.


So, it's no surprise that most of the range sold out on Target's website faster than you can say "wackadoo!".

But what did come as a shock to parents was the fact that orders started getting cancelled by the retailer almost immediately.

Outraged mums flocked to Target's Facebook page to complain they had orders cancelled after purchasing items from the range online.

Most mums seemed to have had a similar experience - after waiting online for hours for the merch to drop, orders were cancelled as fast as they had been filled.


Mums rage online over their cancelled order for Blue merchandise.
Mums rage online over their cancelled order for Blue merchandise.


"You closed our local store last year so my ONLY choice to secure Bluey items for my obsessed kids was to order online and like EVERYONE else - my order was cancelled," one mum said.

"I'm really unimpressed. I find it baffling that with all of the media attention Bluey has received that you seriously want us to believe that you 'didn't expect it to be this popular' what a joke!"

"I stayed up waiting and waiting. Finally packed it in at 2am, woke up a bit after and found a few things were online but not everything," another added.

"Waited most of the night to get all the Bluey items for my little girl and had to place three separate orders and now having items cancelled.

"It's incredibly frustrating."

Other mums complained that only certain items in their order had been cancelled.

This meant that some parents have to explain to their kids why only one sibling got the Bluey merch.

"I too put through an online order at an early hour Sunday morning only to just be told that part of it can't be fulfilled and I'll receive a refund at some point," one mum said.

"How do I explain to one child they have a hoodie and the other doesn't because Target messed up?! Not sure my two year old will understand...."

"I bought a Bluey top at an ungodly hour of the release morning, only to receive an email today to say I can't receive it as it's out of stock," another added.

"I am so disappointed as I stayed up for this release as I didn't want my children to miss out. Now one child gets a top and the other likely won't."

To make matters worse, simply heading to the nearest Target to find the cancelled items didn't seem to solve the dilemma.

"No local Target has any stock yet and now I'm left having to call multiple times a day to check on stock," one mum said.

"After my order was cancelled, I went to my local store at opening only to find they did not have the full range but only the PJs and boys undies," another mum said.

"My next store is over two hours away and I was not driving on only two hours of sleep with a toddler in tow."

"It's really annoying that I purchased items online, got up early yesterday to ensure my order was in and now I see you've refunded my items due to 'low stock' what is the point of your online store?" a frustrated mum said.

"I drove past the store that day thinking my order was secure... you need to fix your website to ensure you're not overselling your items."

Kidspot contacted Target for comment but had yet to hear back at the time of publication.

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