Russell Hebert Hill was fined $1200 after assaulting a man he worked with. Photo: Social Media
Russell Hebert Hill was fined $1200 after assaulting a man he worked with. Photo: Social Media

TAKING UMBRAGE: Man punches colleague after ‘ambush’ meeting

A MAN has been fined after he assaulted a work colleague following a meeting he felt was an "ambush" against him.

Russell Hebert Hill, 36, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard the victim had returned to work at the Gidarjil training facility near the Bundaberg Port on light duties in August after being on sick leave when he was called in to a meeting with Hill and a number of other staff members about complaints that had been made to management about Hill's supervisory skills.

Hill arrived before the victim spoke at the meeting, with things finishing by midday.

As the victim was walking across the car park with another trainee, Hill approached him.

The victim tried to avoid Hill but was grabbed by the arms, thrown to the ground and punched by Hill at least twice to the side of the head.

A colleague intervened before they went their separate ways.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen told the court the victim sustained grazes and swelling.

Sgt Klaassen said the victim did not require ongoing medical attention, but did suffer from headaches for about a week after.

Hill's lawyer Gavin James told the court his client arrived late to the meeting and didn't understand at the time the meeting was to "point out some correction in regards to his activities as a supervisor".

Mr James said Hill could hear people talking about him before he entered the room and then others were given permission to give further comment.

He said Hill "perceived it as an ambush" and took "some umbrage" to how the victim conducted himself at the meeting.

Mr James said Hill accepted that he went "way over the top" with his reaction.

Magistrate Ross Woodford took into account Hill's plea of guilty when considering his sentence.

Mr Woodford also took into account the assault wasn't on a stranger.

Hill was fined $1200.


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