PARADISE: The house site two years later.
PARADISE: The house site two years later.

Take your garden to the wild side

IF YOU’VE always wanted a garden in the suburbs that will attract and feed native wildlife but haven’t the time or the know-how to create it, there’s a new answer.

The Urban Wildlife Gardens program can help suburban residents turn their gardens into the perfect wildlife haven, providing essential habitat for native wildlife such as birds, butterflies, frogs and more.

Similar to Land for Wildlife, which is designed for larger properties, Urban Wildlife Gardens is meant for suburban residential blocks, townhouses and units.

According to longtime NICA stalwarts Tony and Stephanie Haslam, it’s a community engagement program to help urban landowners create native gardens, increasing biodiversity values on their property and promoting enjoyment and awareness.

PLAIN: A house site before the Urban Wildlife Gardens program.
PLAIN: A house site before the Urban Wildlife Gardens program.

“As residents we have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for the diverse wildlife in the biosphere that we call home,” Stephanie said.

“Human development has severely fragmented the natural environment, and while Noosa Council has secured a lot of land for wildlife protection, the creatures that are moving between our gardens and protected areas are at risk.

“Native gardens and even patios can provide a sanctuary for birds, frogs and other fauna.”

The program will be launched at Dame Patti Park, Sunrise Beach, at 11am on Saturday and residents who are interested in the program are invited to come along.

For a one-off fee of $30, participants will receive a visit by program co-ordinator Michelle Newall, who will identify residual native plants and explain the area’s original natural vegetation.

She will also identify invasive weed species that could be removed and give general advice to make gardens more wildlife friendly and answer questions.

All participating gardens will receive a sign, designed by local artist Suzanne Bloomfield, to proudly display on the front gate or other visible place, as well as four free plants and a folder of information tailored to your garden.

The program is being delivered by NICA with funding support from Noosa Council.

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