SES crews were called to rescue a woman trapped in flood water.
SES crews were called to rescue a woman trapped in flood water.

Swollen creek claims LandCruiser in failed crossing

MOTORISTS are urged to not cross flooded waterways after a couple nearly lost their lives on the Wilkins Rd causeway near Cecil Plains on Saturday.

They attempted crossing Crawlers Creek at about 1pm but were washed away by floodwater that had risen about a metre above the road.

The floodwater pushed their Toyota LandCruiser off the causeway and dragged it more than 100 metres downstream.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Service spokesperson said both occupants and their dog exited the vehicle before it started floating down the creek.

Cecil Plains SES group leader James Ross was called to rescue the woman feared trapped in the water.

"The water ran very fast, but not very deep," he said

"We were training when the fireys turned up and said, 'Grab your boat, we need you', and out we went."

The woman was able to swim to safety before Mr Ross arrived with a swift water boat.

"She was very wet and cold," he said.

The woman was on the Cecil Plains side of the creek while her partner and dog were on the other.

It was the first time in two years that Cecil Plains SES was called to swift water rescue.

Despite the danger of flooded roads and rivers Mr Ross welcomed the downpour.

"We have had about 90mm in Cecil Plains over the weekend," he said.

"Some was steady rain, so it soaked in and other times it was heavy, so we got some run off for the dams."