Reports are flooding across the Fraser Coast of a bright object burning up across the night sky.

The object was also spotted in Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast, according to reports on social media on Thursday night.

Higgins Storm Chasing posted about the sightings, saying the object appeared to burn up as it entered Earth's atmosphere.

"We are yet to confirm what this is, however early visual indications suggest it may be space junk burning up," the post read.

Dozens of people have shared photos and video of the rare sighting on social media.

Karra Adams from Bundaberg said she felt her house shake as she watched.

Sebastian Payne from Hervey Bay said it sounded like a jet flying low.

Fallon Renee Carson said it was strange to watch,

"I saw it myself and was shocked at how slow it was and how long it was visible for," she wrote.