Igor the mothering hen with her peacock chicks.
Igor the mothering hen with her peacock chicks.

Why these baby peacocks have an unusual 'mum'

WHEN it comes to being a super clucky mum, no creature great or small comes close to Sunshine Butterflies' Igor the English game hen.

The disability support service at Cooroibah has just named their "signature chicken" step mum of the year after adopting five of their baby orphaned peacocks.

Igor was originally dropped at Sunshine Butterflies as a chick after being dumped in someone's yard and went looking for little ones to smother with love raising guineafowl, ducklings and more broods over the past few years when they've been abandoned.

"She has a lot of love to give and has stepped up once again in the most heroic way," said Sunshine Butterflies animal carer Sally Clay.

Sadly, the Sunshine Butterflies' mother Peacock was taken by a fox two days after Christmas while nesting with her chicks.

It was a traumatic time for the Butterflies community who have lost numerous animals to foxes over the past few months.

In a tough time, Igor astounded the Butterflies' team once again when she instinctively took these five chicks under her wing. She is now raising these little Peachicks as her own, feeding them, teaching them skills and protecting them.

"Our chicken Igor is just amazing. I think she represents everything Sunshine Butterflies stands for. She is about love and inclusion of all, no matter who they are or what they look like," Sally said.

"It's incredible for the Butterflies community to see such a wonderful thing come from such a sad event."