BIT FITTER: Caroline Hutchinson with her trainer Sammy Pluck, of Pursuit Fitness.
BIT FITTER: Caroline Hutchinson with her trainer Sammy Pluck, of Pursuit Fitness. Contributed

Sunshine Coast kicks butt in Kick the Kilos challenge

SUNSHINE Coast, take a bow, or touch your toes, or stretch those quads - you have given other regions a run for their money.

The Sunshine Coast has topped the Kick the Kilos competition run between the Sunshine Coast Daily and its related papers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The Sunshine Coast clocked up the most kilometres walked or run over the last 12 weeks of 15 towns and regions.

The Coast streaked to the top with total of 26,224.8km, well ahead of the nearest competitor, Mackay, at 15,463.22km, followed by Bundaberg at 15,239.23km, Rockhampton at 12,708.73km, and Toowoomba at 11,529.5km.

Our neighbours at Gympie put in a determined effort, finishing at the top of the per capita leaderboard.

One of the Coast's hardest workers was John Pearson, who topped the local daily kilometre count a massive 13 times, while a kilo kicker known as Grinder Trev and runner Deanne Stock were next, each coming in on top six days.

Among those feeling fitter after the last three months is 92.7 Mix FM breakfast announcer Caroline Hutchinson, who embarked on a personal fitness challenge at the same time as Kick the Kilos was launched.

Caroline has dropped 9kg and lost 70cm in the last 12 weeks.

"I started on the same day as Kick the Kilos. It was one of those 'meant to be' things,” she said.

Caroline's fitness regime has comprised three training sessions a week, plus a weekly game of netball, and hill running every once a week.

She is happy with her achievement so far but still has her sights set on knocking off another 11kg.

"I'm a little bit wound down for Christmas because every night of the week, I'm supposed be somewhere doing something but yes, I'm going to keep it up as soon as I get through Christmas,” she said.

Caroline has gone from doubtful to confident she will be in shape to walk the Kokoda Track next year for Give Me Five for Kids.

"I feel really good, I know that,” she said.