Little car bingles and rear-enders cost us a fortune

SUNSHINE Coast drivers may hold the key to reducing the little bingles that are costing our economy millions of dollars a year.

An APN Newsdesk analysis of Queensland Government data reveals there were 4013 front-to-tail crashes on the region's roads between 2001 and 2013.

About three-quarters - or 2990 - of these happened while vehicles were travelling below 80kmh.

Researchers estimate rear-enders cost our economy big-time - $114,500 each for those in the 80kmh or less range and $177,000 for crashes above 80kmh.

The financial impact covers a range of factors including medical and rehabilitation, lost productivity and damage to road infrastructure.

Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland researcher Judy Fleiter is trying to find out how we can reduce rear-enders and she needs Sunshine Coast drivers to take part in an online survey.

Dr Fleiter's work will inform state-wide driver education strategies.

The Queensland University of Technology academic said statistics showed most drivers followed other vehicles too closely.

"The key to reducing nose-to-tail crashes is to help people understand the importance of keeping a safe distance from other traffic on the road and work out the best way to help people decide what that distance is," she said.

"What this study aims to do is to find out how drivers decide how close to follow another vehicle and whether their idea of a safe following distance change according to different driving conditions.

"For example, are drivers tailgating because they're disobeying the rules or because they don't know the rules?"

To join the study, visit