NEW DEAL: Suns captain Steven May has signed a new two year deal with the Gold Coast club.
NEW DEAL: Suns captain Steven May has signed a new two year deal with the Gold Coast club. JULIAN SMITH

Suns sign captain to new deal

GOLD Coast have locked-away their man with captain Steven May signing a new two year deal.

May turned his back on multi-million dollar overtures to stay on the Gold Coast where he will be paid just shy of $2m over the course of his next deal.

There was widespread industry speculation that May was looking to move to Melbourne when he held-off signing a new deal until the second half of the year.

And he admits he wanted to see signs the Suns were heading in the right direction before committing his future.

However, he says the contract had been put on the backburner while he sorted out a family situation back in Darwin.

"I suppose being captain there is added pressure that you should sign at the start of the year, but my manager and myself took our normal process," he said.

"There was a lot weighing on my mind, but a lot of it was family stuff back home and the first half of the year was focused on sorting that out, not so much my contract.

"That had an effect on football as well and I wasn't playing well, but everyone has their own problems and I had to deal with that."

May, who is soon to be married, also said he decision was made easier when his fiancé Tess Calver-James landed a plum job as a lawyer on the Gold Coast.

"She has got a good job and is loving it here," he said.

"So it's not just about me anymore, I've got to run things past her.

"She's rapt to stay on the Coast, we've just bought a new house and we're happy to be staying here."

May hinted co-captain Tom Lynch would also extend his tenure at the Suns saying the pair had spent a lot of time discussing the club's future with new CEO Mark Evans and asking questions about the plan for the future.

"They have shown me they are going in the right direction.

"Mark Evans coming on board has been a breath of fresh air, he's been around successful clubs and having some conversations with him, Tommy and I see where the club is going.

"It might not be showing on the field yet, but we feel it is not too far away."