Sun goes down on southern daylight saving

DAYLIGHT saving will officially end tomorrow morning in New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, bringing to an end months of having an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon for those residents.

Daylight saving ends at 3am daylight saving time tonight when clocks are turned back and that becomes 2am.

It also brings to an end to the nation observing five time zones over the summer months with Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia staying on standard time and not daylight saving time.

But mobile phone users beware - your service provider or smartphone may not be all that smart.

Apple's iPhone has frequently had a hard time adjusting to the start and end of daylight saving with recurring alarms getting mixed up and seeing people woken from their slumber one hour later or one hour earlier than they intended.

The fix is simple - turn the phone off and on again to get the correct time update.

Fixing the service provider problem is more difficult.