Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington, a renowned wildlife photographer, at Noosa Botanic Gardens
Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington, a renowned wildlife photographer, at Noosa Botanic Gardens Alan Lander

Sun and sea beauty nourish Noosa Mayor

MANY a time I have sat in the surf, usually very early in the morning, and marvelled at my good fortune. How lucky am I - how fortunate are we - to live in this wondrous place.

If I'm surfing one of the point breaks on the Noosa headland, inside the national park, I look north across Laguna Bay to see Cooloola, the largest vegetated sandmass on the planet, stretching away to the horizon.

Looking back to Main Beach and beyond, I note the low-key development and the green swathe of the hinterland.

All of this, the protected natural areas, the sensitive human development and the lack of big-city symbols, are a product of passionate, idealistic locals - people who fought to ensure that Noosa didn't end up overdeveloped, like so many other popular seaside locales.

And through all those battles to protect and define the area, the Noosa News has been a constant, informing the community and keeping we local politicians on our toes.

This community newspaper was busy reporting while many of the key attributes of the Noosa Shire were embedded during the late 1980s and early 1990s. And the Noosa News was there, supporting the community when we were forcibly amalgamated in 2008 and eventually de-amalgamated in 2014.

Of course, Noosa is not just a destination, nor a brand. It is first and foremost a community. From coast to hinterland we are blessed with so many civic-minded individuals, good people who really make this place hum and who add immeasurably to the lifestyle we all enjoy. Some of them you will meet in the following pages.

Congratulations to the Noosa News on this significant milestone, and happy reading everyone.