Christmas lights on the Coast 2009. 8 Rainsford Place, Buderim.
Christmas lights on the Coast 2009. 8 Rainsford Place, Buderim. Nicholas Falconer / 187520

Street unites for Christmas lights display in Buderim

SANTA Claus will have no trouble finding the folks at Rainsford Place, Buderim, as they ramp-up their efforts to win the Daily's Christmas Lights competition.

Not only do people come from far and wide to see the lights, but some residents have even moved specifically to take part in the extravagant display.

Julie McNeill moved into number 18 eight years ago and said she knew moving there meant contributing to the light show.

"Friends in the street, Bruce and Wendy at 15, told us 'you've got to put lights up'," Julie said.

"We're a bit like a little community in here, if someone moves into the street we all give them a few lights each.

"We had two residents move in this year who just knew already, and one guy moved here specifically to be a part of it."

The street is already a strong contender in the competition but Rainsford Place has a secret weapon under its belt.

On Christmas Eve, the street gathers to light hundreds of candles and place them on the side of the road for what they call "Santa's landing strip".

But that's not all, according to Julie.

"They had a snow mach

ine, smoke machine and lasers last year," she said. "The children just love it. Some families come every second night.

"They come dressed up and dance and sing."

Not even a Christmas Grinch could dampen the street's Christmas spirit.

Last week one of the houses had their Santa Claus stolen from the front yard, leaving behind just his boots.

It's a common occurrence at this time of the year but Julie said they just made a new one and carried on.

"We think he might have gone for quick break," she joked.