Tegan Langley with the tyre receipt. Photo: Facebook
Tegan Langley with the tyre receipt. Photo: Facebook

Stranger’s random act of kindness goes viral

A RANDOM act of kindness by a Gold Coast man has gone viral after he stumped up to pay more than $500 for a stranger's tyres, just because he couldn't bear seeing her risk her safety.

It was nothing short of a miracle according to Tegan Langley, the woman who was approached by a stranger in a Pimpama McDonald's carpark on Wednesday.

The poor condition of Ms Langley's tyres concerned the stranger - only known as Tony - who felt uncomfortable about letting her drive off with them.

"I explained I needed new ones," Ms Langley said.

"But at the moment I couldn't afford it."

After listening to Ms Langley's situation the man led her to Bridgestone Pimpama where he paid $535 for three new tyres and a wheel alignment.

"There were a lot tears on my behalf," Ms Langely said.

Although the stranger did not expect anything in return, he asked her to repay the favour one day to someone else in need.

Ms Langely took to Facebook to share the heartwarming encounter and call on social media to help her find the man she only knew as Tony.

He did not leave any contact details or information about himself.

Her facebook post quickly went viral, garnering nearly 31,000 likes in two days and was shared 7,000 times.

Tony, who Ms Langley referred to as a 'gentle giant', and his two sons have been celebrated as a heroes on social media for fixing tyres that were bound to 'blow.'

"Tony if this ever reaches you," she said.

"Thank you for your utterly selfless act, your kind words, for restoring my faith in humanity." "From the bottom of my heart thank you."