FUN RUINED: A mannequin was stolen from a Killarney dam last week.
FUN RUINED: A mannequin was stolen from a Killarney dam last week. Contributed

STOLEN: Fun ruined after mannequin stolen from dam

SINCE Christmas two mannequins have been enjoying a spot of fishing in a dam in Killarney, but that fun was promptly put to an end last week.

One of the women was stolen from the fishing boat and the only trace of her was a tangle of undone ropes that were used to tie her in place.

The dam is located on Jacque Jackson's property opposite Killarney tip.

Mrs Jackson said at first she thought the woman had fallen overboard when she noticed she was missing last Wednesday, but then was disappointed to realise she had been taken.

"There were people stopping and taking photos, it was a bit of fun for the town and they've ruined it," Mrs Jackson said.

Mrs Jackson said the boat was initially anchored in the middle of the dam but a storm on Christmas night dislodged it.

The boat had therefore been sitting on the edge of the bank, which provided the thief with "easy access", she said.

Mrs Jackson's husband bought the mannequins on Ebay and painted a couple of bikinis on them.

They were then placed in the boat with hats and fishing rods, before their son waded into the dam to put the boat in place.

It was something the family had always wanted to do, but after such a short while the enjoyment has been ripped away.

"There's more people that go to the Killarney tip than you think but it was just for some fun," Mrs Jackson said.

Mrs Jackson said she had never experienced theft like that in the town before, but the incident had made her think twice about re-installing the mannequin.

But ultimately she would like to see the woman back in her rightful place because it brought delight to people who passed by.

"I'd like to see it back, so if we can get the boat out in the middle of the dam to keep the laughs going," Mrs Jackson said.