Kerri Moore

"I would love to smell your armpits right now"

"IT IS no way to impress a female, sending photos of yourself to her that are unwelcome."

Those were the words of wisdom Rockhampton Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll handed down to a 53-year-old man charged after he sent pictures of his erect penis to his ex-boss.

Arturo Minh-Nam Apilado pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to one count of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend after he sent 17 text messages to the complainant in a six-day period in November last year, shortly after she fired him.

Police prosecutor Danita Clarke said Apilado told police he thought the woman was flirting with him so sent her the picture.

The court heard some of the messages read, "I would love to smell your armpits right now," and "You're a f*****g b***h so I am sending you this picture".

"This is a serious charge," Magistrate O'Driscoll said.

Apilado was sentenced to 100 hours unpaid community service.

Law facts

  • The maximum penalty for using a carriage service, such as a mobile phone, to menace, harass or cause offence is three years imprisonment.