Steph Curry drives to the basket for the Golden State Warriors. Picture: Getty Images
Steph Curry drives to the basket for the Golden State Warriors. Picture: Getty Images

NBA star Steph Curry responds to Aussie’s needle

AUSSIE NBA star Joe Ingles' declaration that he feels like the best shooter in the league didn't go unnoticed by the man sitting on that throne.

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry showed absolute respect to the dangerous player the Utah Jazz's Ingles has developed into in recent years when he responded to the Aussie's statement ahead of the NBA showdown on Saturday.

Curry said he and Ingles shared a lot of similarities that had helped them become two of the game's most respected long-range shooters.

The pair go back a long way to when Curry was first drafted and playing in the Warriors' development team alongside Ingles, who was playing professional ball in Europe at the time.

Ingles created headlines in 2015 when he cheekily declared Curry was the "Joe Ingles of America".

He's still not backing down, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

When asked if he felt like he was the best shooter in basketball right now, Ingles said: "Oh, I am. Yeah, why wouldn't I?

 "The numbers I've shot, the percentages, they obviously are what they are and people are going to dissect everything, but I honestly feel like they're all going to go in when I shoot the ball."

Ingles has scored more three-pointers against the Warriors than any other team in the NBA.

Curry responded to Ingles by giving the Aussie no further ammunition to use when they faced off in Salt Lake City.

He said they shared a lot in common.

"That just means in Las Vegas in the Summer League in 2009 we had two of the best shooters of all-time on the same time," Curry joked.

"We got a lot in common. He's proven that he's a versatile player that can do a lot of different things on the floor ... perseverance like that, it speaks a lot about a guy's character and work ethic."