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Our say: Stay happy and safe this NYE

TONIGHT is a time to celebrate new beginnings and to acknowledge a year hopefully well spent.

Across the Sunshine Coast clubs, pubs and private parties balanced by alcohol-free public events will usher in the new year.

Family firework functions aside, the night traditionally is a party which draws tens of thousands out to have fun and make merry.

There would be no better start to a new year than for the evening to be free of the incidents that invariably occur when the consumption of too much alcohol excites inner demons and ends in violence.

Woodford Folk Festival's 30th anniversary New Year's Eve, like the 29 that has preceded it, will offer an example of how the evening can have space to pause and reflect.

At 11.30pm 23,000 guests will fall silent for three minutes to reflect on journeys past, present and into the future. The moment doesn't end with wild exaltation but rather brings a settling calm to activities.

If only those feeling the urge to strike out in other parts of the Sunshine Coast could still their rage, be silent, reflect and walk away from the temptation to strike out.