SHOW your colours on your plate and in your cup this Origin Series.
SHOW your colours on your plate and in your cup this Origin Series. Marguerite Cuddihy

STATE OF ORIGIN: 5 snacks to show where your loyalties lie

WHAT will you be reaching for three minutes after kick-off, when State of Origin adrenaline sets in?

It's a known fact that adrenaline and anxiety triggers our instinct to snack, and there's nothing more tense than Round Two of the Origin series tomorrow night.

An adrenaline-filled game mean no snack-runs or bathroom breaks will be had.

So you'd better make sure you're well stocked before kick-off.

Here's some snacks that will show where your loyalties lie as the mighty Maroons take on the brutal Blues.

1. A nice cold stubby

Yep, this one is a bit of a no-brainer.

But you needn't stick to the tried and tested can of gold.

Why not branch out with a Great Northern or a craft beer from a small-scale Queensland brewery?

If you're a NSW supporter, opt for a Tooheys, Hahn or a Four Pines.

2. Dip into Origin colours

Park the salsa on the sidelines and dash for something more adventurous.

If you're a Maroons supporter, grab yourself a bright beetroot hummus. Honestly, you can barely taste the beetroot.

And if you barracking for the blues, well... your options are a little more limited.

Blue-cheese dip, anyone?

3. Blueberry pie

Okay, it may seem a little soft, but blueberries are just about the only blue food that is acceptable to eat.

If you're a Queensland supporter swap the blue for red and make rhubarb and apple crumble.

4. Tomato sauce is a vegetable, right?

Lather some big red all over meat pies, sausage rolls, hot chips and your rival Blues supporters when Maroons score the first try.

Or if you really want to make the effort, boil up some delicious corn and sprinkle it with salt and smokey paprika.

5. Sweeten up a loss

If there's one thing we know about Origin: there are winners and there are losers.

If your team didn't find their glory at the final whistle, take comfort in big block of chocolate and hold your chin up for round three.