State Election 2020: Who your candidate is putting first

Several Liberal National Party candidates are encouraging their supporters to place a "2" next to Clive Palmer's United Australia Party candidates' names on their ballot paper.

How to vote cards have been released as early voting gets underway for the October 31 Queensland Election.

There are 56 candidates vying for votes on the Sunshine Coast, with minor parties including Pauline Hanson's One Nation and Clive Palmer's United Australia Party running candidates in every Coast seat.

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Maroochydore and Buderim are the two most hotly-contested seats in the region, with nine candidates lining up in each.

Seven of the eight Coast Labor candidates want voters to preference the Greens second and One Nation last.

Noosa's Mark Denham is the exception, with incumbent independent MP Sandy Bolton listed as his second preference, followed by the Greens candidate as third.

Compulsory preferential voting in Queensland introduced for the 2017 election means voters have to number every box or their vote isn't counted.

How to vote cards for LNP candidates including Maroochydore's Fiona Simpson, Glass House's Andrew Powell and Ninderry's Dan Purdie encourage people to preference UAP second.

In January, Ms Simpson spoke out against LNP president Dave Hutchinson's contract with Clive Palmer at his Coolum resort.

"I'm the state member for this area and I know how many people Clive Palmer has hurt with what he's done with the resort," Ms Simpson told the Daily in January, in reference to the 2015 closure of Mr Palmer's Coolum resort, with the loss of 600 jobs.

Ms Simpson, placed seventh out of nine on the ballot form, said she used a different tactic this year when deciding what her how to vote card would look like, due to the high number of candidates.

"I'm concerned that with so many candidates, people could potentially vote invalid by not filling out every square," she said.

"What I've applied was in line with the LNP's recommendation of Labor last, Greens second last, and then I've ran down the card from my name.

"My number one concern is I need the people's number 1."

When asked if she considered the resort closure when making her vote cards, Ms Simpson said, " Labor are the ones who have destroyed Queensland … they're the ones who have caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket".

Despite reports earlier this month the LNP would preference Labor last in every Queensland seat, some Coast candidates have placed the Informed Medical Options party candidates or Animal Justice Party in the last position.

However, every LNP candidate has preferenced Labor behind the Greens.

University of Queensland political expert Chris Salisbury said in past elections, the majority of preferences from minor parties such as One Nation, Katter's Australia Party and United Australia Party have flowed to the LNP.

"In seats where you have got seven, eight or nine candidates, that is going to make the race to the finish for the top two hard to pick and that's where the order of preferences will determine the successful candidate," Dr Salisbury said.